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TVH– Acoustic office spaces

TVH Group is a Belgian company active in the market of forklift trucks, aerial work platforms, agricultural tractors and industrial vehicles. The architect, Kris Cottenier from architectural firm K-ONCEPT, believed that the acoustics had to be done right from the start. They contacted PETAC® with the request to provide budget-friendly and decorative acoustic solutions for the interior of the office on the Ringlaan in Waregem.

We provided an extensive range of sound absorbing solutions for the TVH office. We placed black (midnight) PETAC ® 24mm back panels in meeting rooms, gray (silver) PETAC® 24mm wall coverings in individual offices, acoustic cupboard doors in the kitchen and closed acoustic telephone booths (pods). We managed to deliver great acoustics. To the great satisfaction of both the customer and the staff. They can now work, meet and conference call in peace and confidence, without annoying reverberation.