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DLPA Advocaten– Acoustic offices

The warm and characterful office design for DLPA Advocaten was designed by Klarté Architecten and is located in the “Cotton Business Park”, an old spinning mill that has been turned into a beautiful office site. Both the client and architects expressed great importance to the acoustic structure of the individual offices and meeting rooms. And that was necessary, because of the high ceilings in the industrial building, the reverberation time was extremely high. PETAC® was therefore contacted with the request to optimize the acoustics in the office in an affordable and attractive way.

From the start of this project, we brainstormed with the architect on how to acoustically optimize the office. White (frost) a CO2 absorbent PETAC® panels (24mm) were the answer to this question. The full walls and the glass wall construction provide perfect insulation for sound transmission. And they also fully match the serenity of the building. Our customer was therefore very satisfied with the result.