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Ragolle Rugs Showroom– Acoustic hallway

Ragolle Rugs is a textile company that focuses on floor coverings and carpets. The builder and architects have long searched for a nice solution to improve the acoustics in the entrance hall of the showroom. This entrance hall is two stories high and contains a lot of hard materials such as glass and concrete. These cause the reverberation time to be much too high. PETAC® was contacted with the request to provide an acoustic and aesthetic solution for the entrance hall.

The customer had the idea to display historical objects remembering the carpet industry in the hallway. We created an acoustic wall with a rack on which the customer could place their beautiful decorative pieces. In addition to the acoustic function, the front wall with black (midnight) PETAC® also provides an impressive eye-catcher in the entrance hall. The customer was therefore very satisfied with the excellent acoustic and decorative result.