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Plastibac Linum– Acoustic office space

Plastibac is part of the Linum Group and supplies sustainable load carriers (bins, pallets, ..) and industrial plastic packaging for storage, logistics and facility facilities. V2 architects and interior architect Willem Benoit immediately took the acoustic performance into account when designing the entrance hall of the office. PETAC® was involved from the start to guarantee a good result.

We recommended Plastibac to work with a sound-absorbing black wall in the entrance hall. We showed the customer a previous realization, Konvert, for whom we have also optimized the acoustic performance in the hall. After a visit they were convinced of the top acoustic and visual performance of PETAC®. An acoustic black (midnight) wall was installed in the entrance hall, finished with grooved aya veneer framework. The customer praised the implementation of this wall in the modern interior and loved the excellent acoustic performance.