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St-Jozef church– Acoustically optimised office and meeting center

The Saint Joseph’s Church in Roeselaere has been given a new role 4 years after the desecration. Architectural firm 3Architecten will install their workplace there. They also want to make the church a meeting place for society. The church has beautiful authentic, high vaults and stained glass windows. This brings audible problems. Unfortunately, typical church acoustics with a very high reverberation time did not make it possible to make this church an ideal workplace and meeting space. PETAC® is committed to creating a sound-friendly and decorative work and activity environment without reverberation. We provide a wide range of flexible and sound-absorbing solutions for the church while preserving the original serene atmosphere.

Before construction started, they calculated how much acoustic material was needed. It soon became clear that PETAC® could offer the ideal solution given its very high absorption values ​​and its versatility. We installed white (frost) PETAC® 24mm partitions and wall cladding and balustrade cladding, back coverings for sofas in the meeting area and beautiful accent walls finished in micro-perforated wood veneer in the offices and meeting room. We transform a church with typical long reverberation time into a sound-friendly space in which to work and meet.